Sales Presentation Ideas

A presentation is a skill that can be developed. It is very useful especially when you are in marketing and sales industry.

It is one of the most important points for sales and selling.

Thus, we need to upgrade our presentation from …

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Rules of Search Engine Optimization

Ethical Rules of Search Engine Optimization

There are many people offer SEO services in the market today — Digital Marketing is the “in” thing for businesses. Due to the fact that it is cost-effective.

However, the million dollar question is…

How would you actually know if what you …

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Wake Up in a New World of Living

Let me start this article by saying that I love technology.

Digital world had been my world. Technology had been my food.
Been doing online marketing for 9 years now.

With this technology…
I get a good job. A job that anyone will dream …

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Excellent Reasons to Wake Up Early

Waking up early has many benefits on our whole being. Science also agreed with this.

Many creative people are usually an early riser. Waking up early can be a total game changer since studies show that early risers are usually the …

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Dealing with a Big Thing — Singleness

Singleness is okay BUT being Lonely is not good.

In this society when you are over 30 years old people box you into somebody that is neglected. So with this regard, single ladies, including me, feel the following: sadness, depression, self-pity, …

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Digital Marketing Terminology

Digital Marketing Terminology

If you are new to Digital Marketing…

This would be the most basic terminology that you need to learn.

If you have a little bit of an overview…

This jargon might help you in a way especially when reading resources.

Here Are Some Basic …

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