Dealing with a Big Thing — Singleness

Singleness is okay BUT being Lonely is not good.

In this society when you are over 30 years old people box you into somebody that is neglected. So with this regard, single ladies, including me, feel the following: sadness, depression, self-pity, and worst will leads to jealousy.

If you are a lady, of course, the pressure would be ten times harder compared to man because people around you will constantly remind you how your body depreciates, how your body changes and your clock is ticking to be able to produce a child.

Yes, we all know biology explains that.


God is greater than anything — He is able. Able to give miracles.

So, the million dollar question is how to deal with your being single?

I am so blessed by TD Jakes.
I was searching for some inspiration and boost up my self-esteem one day and found one of his videos. He reminds me what God is in stored with me in this phase of life through inspirational bible verses

So without further ado here are the points that hopefully will help you single ladies like me out there.

1. Deepen your relationship with God

Being single is the first phase of building your relationship with God. Build honest communication with God — without any restriction and any reservation. This really takes time and I am also practicing on it because sometimes we tend to hide to God the things that are not good. Even though we know that nothing is hidden in His eyes.

2. Seek a whole life as a single person

The notion of finding your better half is a little bit funny.
You are not a half person looking for a half person.

God is not keeping you on hold so life DO NOT wait.

3. Set guard on your heart

Start valuing yourself. This is a little bit tricky be sober and vigilant as the bible said…

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. ~ Proverbs 4:23″

Do not be carried away with compliments — know your worth.

Keep your heart from the ghost of the past or the things that let you hold onto something which it doesn’t exist anymore.

The peace of God will keep your heart and mind.

4. Develop Interest Beyond Home, Work, Family and Church

If you want to be interesting to other people you need to try something different and build that interest. Broaden your horizon.

Remember: “Life is a mere vapor to be wasted by waiting.” (quote by Pastor Jakes)

5. Avoid people who seek to control and silence your personality.

Save yourself from people who manipulate you by anything.

6. Respect marriage BUT do not worship it.

Marriage is not the main ultimatum of this life.
It is not your main purpose why God created you.
Sometimes we are too caught up in the thought of marriage that we tend to forget God.

Important Note: God is a jealous God

Bible verse of the day

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you. ~ Matthew 6:33

7. Live and budget within your means

This is self-explanatory, right? Just learn how to earn, budget and live a lifestyle within your capability. Be trusted on God’s richness in this world.

8. Exercise Your Body and Your Mind

In this busy world of corporate sometimes we are too caught up with things and it causes us stress. Stress results to not do the things we suppose to do — exercise.

Have a time a week to exercise your body…
Have a walk or a run (which I love to do but then most of the time lazy to do it).

Have a time every day to read…
Commit yourself to read, read, and read especially the word of God which is the foundation of this life.

Point to Ponder: Anything that is not used will wither.

9. Singleness is a Gift

It gives you the freedom to explore. It gives you time to do something for God.

Worth note taking: Marriage should be fed it is not organic. This will take most of your time. So enjoy your being single today.

10. Time alone to understand God

In the bible, always when somebody is alone God reveal himself.
Know who you really are in the eyes of God.
Do meditate and spend more time with your creator.

Even society push something in your mind be always rooted in God’s word.

God has not overlooked you. He has a plan on this journey.

Have a Life!

You are blessed. is a hub intend to spread the word of God. You can find some encouraging bible verses, inspiration bible quotes, bible verses about love and faith, and some Christian motivation quotes that help you be rooted on what God had planned for your — for the purpose of your life.

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