Digital Marketing Terminology

If you are new to Digital Marketing…

This would be the most basic terminology that you need to learn.

If you have a little bit of an overview…

This jargon might help you in a way especially when reading resources.

Digital Marketing Terms

Here Are Some Basic Digital Marketing Terms:

SEO – Search Engine Optimization
Gain through content. Natural. Free. Organic.

SMM – Search Media Marketing
Gain through paid ads.

Domain Authority
It is the power of a domain name (age, popularity, size).
How well your website rank.

Web Strategy
A map that defines the process of customer approach. To engage with your customers.

An incoming hyperlink from one website to another website.

Some of the strategy:

📌 Blogs
📌 Testimonials
📌 Articles
📌 News Releases
📌 Affiliates
📌 Partners
📌 Events
📌 Forums

These strategies are guides for your audience to lead through funnels of conversion.

Example of the Outcomes (Your Business Goals):

📌 Participate (sign up to mail list, like on social media, follow on Twitter, subscribe to a blog, register webinar)
📌 Purchase (donate, buy, reviews, subscribe)
📌 Download (ebook, podcast, resources, premium content such as infographics)
📌 Inquire (request forms, questionnaires, applications, schedule (where it is the first step of buying process) is your SEO Consultant based in Dubai, UAE. A Google Certified SEO Specialist. Offering internet marketing activities — SEO, SEM, SMO and SMM.

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