Ethical Rules of Search Engine Optimization

There are many people offer SEO services in the market today — Digital Marketing is the “in” thing for businesses. Due to the fact that it is cost-effective.

However, the million dollar question is…

How would you actually know if what you are hiring whether it is an individual SEO Specialist or a Digital Marketing Agency do the right thing for your online business?

Caution: Anyone can offer you a low rate with fast results nowadays BUT remember you may just see the result for a few months and after that, you will be penalized — your website will drop at the face of the earth. BE CAREFUL.

So here are the basic rules of Search Engine Optimization that you need to take note.

Any campaign that does not follow these rules of Search Engine Optimization should be avoided:

1.) Do not hide anything. Whatever your visitors and search engine bot (Google) should exactly be the same.


2.) Whatever keywords you use to optimize should reflect on what the content or substance of your page. Keywords should reflect your business — products and services you are offering.


3.) Do not create pages only for web indexing purposes. The site should cater both the audience and the bot. Taking into account just the audience is the reason why SEO is essential. Providing only for search engine bot is gone too far into blackhat.


4.) Do not participate in link farming schemes — bulk and triangle linking that cause to manipulate Google PageRank or domain authority. Inbound links should be related or relevant to the content of your website.

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