Why Do Reputable SEO Experts Not Promise Guaranteed Search Engine Rankings?

The most common client’s question regarding SEO is…

When will I be visible online?
How much time do I need to wait to be at the top?
Do you have a guarantee that I will be on top?


Many SEO Expert promise…

We guarantee you to be on top for your first month!
Top Rank Or Get Money Back
#1 Ranking on Google
and more and more…

So the question is…
What will be your client’s guarantee if they will hire you?

The good SEO expert will answer…
We cannot guarantee your rankings.
We can guarantee that you will be happy with the result, surely search traffic will rise and we make sure that your website will not be at risk of any penalties from the major search engines.

Of course, the client will be shocked. How could you let him spend money without any guarantee on your keyword ranking?!

Here are the top three explanations which you can state and let your client understand.

SEO is targeting the right keywords that are high-competitive which means keywords with high search volume (which actual customers are really searching for) and not just some random words that you may think of. This needs to have basis through keyword research.

So, why do other companies guarantee that after the 1st month you will be on the top?

Cheeky Trick: They will use less-competitive keywords.
Result: Nobody is actually typing those keywords in finding the industry your business is in.
Conclusion: Yes you are visible but it would be useless if nobody is typing those keywords/queries on search engines.

Search Engine algorithm updates every 3 to 6 months thus, you cannot guarantee #1 ranking. The Search Engine Result will change accordingly to the new rules implemented.

Rankings are not enough to be the basis of the overall metric performance. It is almost an end but it is not the end itself.

It is understandable that you need proof that it is working. But remember… The ranking is NOT EQUAL to Traffic.

A good SEO campaign should be measured by the increase in traffic

A guarantee is a promise — a contract wherein you need to deliver. You can cheat with this but you will walk on a shaky ethical business ground.


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