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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) — Advertise to Achieve

Search Engine Marketing is maximising Search Engine such as Google to market and advertise your website through paid advertising. If you want to increase your sales or revenue — SEM together with SEO are the answers.

I, as a Digital Marketing Consultant, is helping optimising online presence of the businesses all over Dubai and greater UAE to improve rankings and generate leads.

Concept of SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Advertising your website through Google search results. When potential customers search for a certain keyword (or related keywords) of your business. This ad will be displayed and designed to stand out — for customers to click and acquire on your website.

How it Works

SEM is also called as Pay Per Click. Wherein you will be charged by Google (search engine) once someone clicks on your ads.

Your Choices

In SEM you can have two choices — either you will advertise through text or through a display (image) or both.

For lead generation: Google Text Ad is recommended.

Why? Because people who see this ad are the once that are really interested. They type the keywords that are related to the product or services you are offering.

For branding: Google Display Ad is recommended.

Why? Because people who see this ad does not specifically search for the service or product hence, they are the one that might be interested due to the past searches they have done and the interest that is stored on their accounts.

Google Display Ads (Image) is effective in the long-run because people will remember you through the visual you have presented to them.

Example: They might not need a car repair mechanic this time however when they need one they will remember the image that displayed on their last internet browsing.

Remember: Most if not all people are visual.


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