Wake Up in a New World of Living

Let me start this article by saying that I love technology.

Digital world had been my world. Technology had been my food.
Been doing online marketing for 9 years now.

With this technology…
I get a good job. A job that anyone will dream of. I can work from office or home (no issues since everything works online).
I am paid well. Earn money to buy my necessities and most of my wants.

I love technology. I embrace it for almost a decade now.


Some things get bugging my head…
I am hoping for the world to wake up. Yes, wake up.

Albert Einstein Quote

Smartphone spells right than most of us (how odd right?!)
It is a world that if we do not know anything… no problem… Uncle Google is to the rescue.

Well, I am guilty of all of this but in my own small voice, I want to wake you up.

Technology is not the endpoint. Your phone is good until the battery lasts. Your Instagram likes is not your DNA.

Did you know that receiving a chat, text or even an email release endorphins in your body that makes you happy? Same as smoking or drinking an alcohol. It is addictive.

It has been an addiction of this digital world.
We tend to be isolated, lazy and impatient.

Advance technology — the more we connect to this digital world the more we become disconnected to the real world.
We do not build a relationship…

As spice girl song said…

Too much of something is bad enough.

The technology I believe is there to aid us in our life but it does not mean we live in it.

Here are the habits that most of us possess (aware or unaware):

Phone in the conference room:

Instead of talking to people, asking how’s life treating them? How’s family? How’s the report?
Most of us tend to check our phone for emails, chats or text rather than conversing.

Quitting a Job:

After at least 6 months of working you will quit because you think you do not bring an IMPACT.
6 months eh?

Phone instead of family dinner:

Youtube, online games, Facebook, Instagram to name a few… rather than preparing food and eating together. Values that we need to teach younger generations.

Wake up in the digital world:

Checking your phone as you wake up rather than thanking God for a new day, kissing your spouse or kids or simply saying good morning to someone in the house.

Wake up world!!!
You have been sleeping too much…
I want to whisper in your ear that life is more amazing if you live it.

Build a strong relationship.
Be active.
Have a life!


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